Unt5You are supposed to shake hands. 单元复习教案

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Teaching objectives:

Knowledge objectives:

  1. Through reviewing, over 85% students can grasp the key words and phrases like greet, manner, be supposed to do, be expected to do…ect.
  2. 80% students can remember and consolidate the passages in unit5.

Enabling objective:

  Through discussing, reading and writing, students can talk, read and write the passages about customs in different countries.

Moral objective:

   Students get to know more about the customs in different countries and know how to behave in different situations.

Key points and difficult points:

  1. Consolidate the phrases and sentence patterns in this unit.
  2. Learn how to discuss and write bout the manners.

Teaching methods:

Task based learning

Teaching procedures:

1. Warming up and free talk.

T: Nice to meet you for the first time. I was a little nervous before meeting you. I don’t know what I am supposed to do. Can you give me some suggestions?


2) Ask students to read and choose. Talk with them using “be supposed to do”, “be expected to do,” “should do “.

3) Give students a little time and ask them say them out in a short passage.


2. Grammar Focus

1) T: when we give someone the suggestions, we can use “be supposed to” , what other phrases can we use too?

 2) Ask students to list and make some sentences if possible.


3. Read and review 3A

1) T: Just now, you told me it’s very important to be on time, but is it necessary to be on time all the time?

2) Read the passages and underline the key phrases.

Ask students to read and underlines, then check, if necessary, ask them to make sentences.

Emphasis the difficult points.


3) Some minutes to consolidate the phrases.

4) Check. Fill in the blanks.


5) Ask students to retell.

6) Different countries have different rules about greeting and time, so does the table manners.


4. Read and say

1)read the passage on P38 and find the table manners in France

2) ask students to say them out according to the pictures.


3) Ask students to say the different way of Chinese table manners.



5. Reading comprehension

Read five short passages and match the countries with the table manners.

[设计意图: 加大学生的阅读量,拓宽学生视野,培养学生阅读能力]

6. Writing




7. Homework


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